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Hip Thrusts on Smith Machine
Strength Training | Leg Day

How To Do Hip Thrusts on Smith Machine | Form, Benefits & Video Breakdown

*PSA Video breakdown coming this week! Save this post and check back for the video! You want a giant peach but don’t have the means to set up a barbell hip thrust at your gym. You may find it too intimidating to set it up on the turf or at the squat rack. Good news: With…

hip thrusts at home
Strength Training | Leg Day

How To Do Hip Thrusts at Home With Minimal or No Equipment

So, you’ve created a home gym to make your life easier and keep yourself active without leaving the house. You’ve got everything from dumbbells to resistance bands, but you’re still figuring out how to do hip thrusts at home with minimal equipment.Maybe you’re in calisthenics training, and you don’t have any equipment.Don’t you worry! In…

front deltoid exercises
Strength Training

15 Front Deltoid Exercises for Strength and Muscle

If you want to sculpt some 3D boulder shoulders, including front deltoid exercises is crucial. You want to target all three heads of the deltoid, of course: The cool thing is that any vertical push movement pattern will target your front and medial deltoid shoulder muscles. Your rear deltoid muscle can be targeted by focusing…

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row
Strength Training

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row | How To Build Solid Back Gains

The Chest Supported Dumbbell Row is one of my favorite exercises to target the back muscles. I always include this in my and my clients’ programs, whether they train with me in person or online from their home gym and whether they are advanced lifters or beginners. It’s a great beginner exercise that can be…

75 Medium Challenge
Fitness Mindset | 75 Challenges

The 75 Medium Challenge (The Middle Child): Complete Blueprint

You may have heard a lot of talk about the famous 75 Hard Challenge, but have you heard of its younger sibling, the 75 Medium Challenge? This challenge will still push you to become more disciplined and mentally resilient to achieve things you never thought possible, with a little bit of leniency along the way. …

rear delt dumbbell exercises
Strength Training

5 Rear Delt Dumbbell Exercises To Sculpt Your Shoulders

There’s a lot of talk about push day and back day, and it’s pretty evident that overhead presses, lateral raises, and frontal raises work your shoulders, but did you know that these specific exercises don’t work the posterior end of the shoulder? Overhead Presses = Target the anterior and medial deltoid Frontal Raises = Isolates…